TL Booking Engine

Booking engine for hotel websites

Sell rooms, extra services, gift cards, and transfers 24/7 effortlessly in online booking engine.
Manage your online sales the way you want. Get more direct bookings and increase online revenue.

Increase direct sales

Booking Engine makes it easy for guests to choose a rate plan, and pay for the reservation.
As soon as the booking is complete, guests receive a booking confirmation via email or SMS.
Convenient room search Convenient room search
Marketing motivators Marketing motivators
Availability calendar Availability calendar
payment methods for your guests payment methods for your guests

Over 8000 hotels

Use email marketing to keep in touch

Booking Engine sends emails to guests a few days before and after the stay. The first email reminds guests of the booking. The second one asks for feedback.

Increase average cost of stay

Flexibly manage your prices and availability

Set prices and special offers
Set prices and special offers

It’s easy to set prices in Booking Engine to meet your hotel pricing policy.

Booking Engine supports seasonal pricing and allows you to set best selling rate plans — non-refundable, early booking, last minute, and long stay.

Set prices and special offers
Manage room availability
Manage room availability

Set your room availability the way you want

The booking engine allows you to adjust room availability for each day. This lets you sell as many rooms as you specify. Stop sales whenever needed.

Manage room availability
Generate reports on bookings
Generate reports on bookings

Booking Engine stores all website bookings and makes it easy to analyze sales performance for a week, a month, or a year.

When someone books a room, their booking is automatically sent to you by email or SMS. It is also saved in the system. No need to go through your inbox to find what you’re looking for.

Generate reports on bookings

Booking Engine pricing

Our goal is to help hotels increase website sales.

What is included? Setting up your Booking Engine,starting online sales,
training your team, tech support.

TL Booking Engine

Commission rate

4 % commission from every booking
Website audit
TL Analytics to measure your website traffic
Email marketing
Promo codes
Dynamic pricing
Rate Mix

For large hotels and hotel chains

We have special offers for large hotels, SPA resorts, and hotel chains.

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