TL Express

Hotel website builder

TL Express allows accommodation properties to make marketing websites in no time.
Start direct sales of your room inventory and services.

Create vivid website designs

Build your own hotel website with responsive templates created by our designers

The website layout is perfect for city mini-hotels, hostels and resort hotels.

Your website is ready to go live and welcome first visitors.

Manage your hotel sales by managing your website

Easy content update

You can change your property description or upload a new photo in your TravelLine account. It is easier than to edit a post in social media.

Most cost-effective sales

TL Booking Engine is already built in TL Express. Sell the rooms and services on your website. These are the most cost-effective sales.

Services and amenities

The detailed information about extra services and inclusives, accommodation policy and room amenities will let your guests get a better idea of your property.

Sell more with the built-in Booking Engine

• manage flexible pricing;

• sell extra services;

• offer over 10 payment methods.

Benefit from the website features

TL Express price

Most clients use TL Express along with other TravelLine components.

Get your discount by making a one-time payment for 6 or 12 months ahead.

TL Express
Fixed fee
1650 THB per month
TL Express Hotel website builder
Adaptive design templates
Content management from your account
Connecting your domain
Website statistics TL Analytics
Technical support

FAQ about the hotel website builder TL Express

1 What is TL Express?
It is the hotel website builder with ready-made templates and online booking engine. You manage the website structure yourself. With the help of TL Express, you can create a website that doesn't need programmers or designers. Just make settings in your account and choose a design option.
2 How does TL Express work?
Managing your website with TL Express is as easy as signing up in social network. The website is generated automatically after the domain name is selected. All the changes you make will appear on the website after publishing.
3 Do I need TL express?
TL Express serves you right if you don’t have a website yet or you have no time, nor resources to develop it. TL Express is the best possible solution for hostels, mini-hotels and guest houses to receive bookings.
4 How much is TL Express?
The website builder allows you to create a website and pay a small fee for it. This will not require large investments, but you can start earning right away. The susbcription fee is fixed a month + % commission from the bookings made with Booking Engine.
5 Can I receive bookings through my new website?
Guests will book in TravelLine Booking Engine built in your website. You will manage availability and prices in your TravelLine account. You can also manage bookings and generate reports.
6 Are there other language versions of the website?
TL Express has multiple languages and gives a chance to create a website with several language versions. Your guests can select their native language on the website. TL Express offers 16 languages, including English, German, French, Chinese and others.
7 Do I need an experience in design and programming?
Does your hotel have a page in social networks “Linkedin” or “Facebook”? To set up TL Express is as easy as to set up an account in a social network: to upload photos, make a hotel description and your offers. You don’t need any special skills.
8 If TL Express uses templates, will my website look like everyone else's?
You can choose several adaptive designs and 10 color schemes. You can make your website brandable. You will not find two identical websites. We have been making our websites with love and attention to details for over 13 years.
9 Will my new website look good on mobile devices?
Trend: guests book from mobile devices more often. Solution: Our developers are aware of this trend and have adapted the software to these devices.
10 Can I optimize my TL Express website for SEO?
You can edit the "title" and "description" tags for each page. The HTML and CSS files are structured to be processed by search robots. TL Express lets adding Google Search Console to your website.

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