Price Optimizer

Streamline dynamic pricing management

Price Optimizer helps you automate work with dynamic pricing. The solution suggests the best possible prices every day.
It monitors demand, occupancy and other factors to help you maximize your hotel potential.

More profit under the same conditions

Dynamic pricing in hotels
Dynamic pricing helps you quickly respond to demand and market changes.You can manage prices flexibly and get extra income in any season.
Hotel "Dawn" does not have dynamic rates. Hotel "Camellia" implements dynamic pricing and gets 62% more profit.

Who can benefit from Price Optimizer

Price Optimizer simplifies the transition to dynamic pricing
and helps get extra income if

How to get started with Price Optimizer

Create hotel

Provide us with your hotel occupancy
rate for a year or two, price list,
base rate plan and a price for
a standard room.

Create dynamic
rate plan

TL Price Optimizer is a unique
engine for searching optimal
price points. It works with
dynamic rates based on
your hotel rate plans.

Price Optimizer

It helps to set flexible
rate levels, occupancy and
seasonal demand.

Get price

The service will suggest prices
for every day. Confirm or reject
prices manually or enable
automatic price change.

Get daily
price suggestions

Price Optimizer shows rate levels based on your hotel occupancy. It forecasts demand changes across seasons and weekends.Suggestions will help you set prices full year ahead.

A couple of additional settings will let you expand your pricing strategy for every room type.

Consider seasonal changes

Price Optimizer can focus on a particular season.
During periods of high demand,the solution will suggest that you increase room rates. In times of low demand, it will talk you into slightly lowering prices. Your hotel revenue increases as you master your skills working with seasonal demands.

Monetize events

Price Optimizer has an Event list where you can add holidays and events. Know about citywide and areawide events that affect room demand. Follow the reminder in your price calendar to change your prices accordingly.

You can adjust forecast quickly when faced with events that affect demand.
Keep the interest of guests foremost in all decisions related to room pricing and earn more.

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Monitor competitors

Price Optimizer includes free competitor price monitoring that gives you a better idea of your hotel spot on the market. Assess your hotel ranking among 10 competitors and their shift in price over 90 days.

Monitor competitors Monitor competitors

Price Optimizer

Manual mode

Manual mode
Manual mode gives you complete control over your pricing. Confirm and reject suggestions from Price Optimizer, or set intuitive prices.

Automatic mode

Automatic mode
The tool will automatically adjust your hotel pricing on the website and online distribution channels managed by TL Channel Manager. Set exception days during events for manual mode to more control over pricing.

With Price Optimizer it is possible to enable bulk update in price calendar for both modes. Confirm and reject suggestions, set your prices for several dates or specific days of the week.

Analyze your occupancy and revenue history

Analyze and increase the hotel occupancy with dynamic pricing
Analyze and increase the hotel occupancy with dynamic pricing

TL Price Optimizer Price

Price Optimizer

0,5% commission from every online booking
but no more than 9500 ТНВ per month
We look forward to contacting us for current pricing options
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