Direct sales through metasearch engines

Sell ​​at official site prices from the most popular metasearch engines
- Google Hotel Ads, trivago, and Tripadvisor.

How metasearch engines work

What is dynamic hotel pricing
Metasearch engines show prices for accommodation in different distribution channels - mainly in OTA. With TravelLine, you can sell from metasearch engines at the prices of the official website.
In the search results, along with OTA, the prices of the official website will appear, and guests can book directly from the metasearch sites or easily proceed to booking on the website.

Why work with metasearch engines

Many of your potential guests are looking for accommodation in metasearch engines. Show them the prices
of the official website so that more guests choose direct booking instead of OTA.

43.6% of travelers use
metasearch engines every time they book
according to EyeforTravel

What TravelLine offers

TravelLine is an official partner of Google Hotel Ads,
trivago and Tripadvisor: the integration is verified
and certified by the sites and works reliably.

How metasearch engines work in TravelLine

With TravelLine, you can sell your accommodation directly at the prices of the official website
on three popular sites: Google Hotel Ads, trivago and Tripadvisor.
Register accounts on sites: Google, trivago, Tripadvisor.
Read the rules for working with each site separately.
Connect to sites via TravelLine.
For Google, trivago and Tripadvisor: top up your ad budget and launch campaigns.
Done! Guests will be able to book at site prices and you will receive more direct bookings.

Even more sites in TL: Metasearch

TL: Metasearch allows you to add the prices of the official website
to the metasearch engines Google Hotel Ads, trivago and Tripadvisor.

Google Hotel Ads

What gives

  • Go to direct booking from Google Search, Google My Business, Google Maps, and Google Assistant.
  • A unique opportunity to sell on Google at current prices from the TravelLine module: this is almost impossible without a technology partner.
  • More guests - users of Google services. Google's audience is millions people.

73% of travelers search
and compare hotels on Google
according to EyeforTravel for 2018


What gives

  • trivago is the leader in driving traffic to property distribution channels, according to Bookassist.
  • Free registration and management of object account and analytics.
  • Excellent cost per acquisition - site traffic ratio, according to Bookassist.


Send a request

  • Warmer guests when they are already reading reviews and are in the mood to find accommodation.
  • The ability to choose the right tools for growing direct bookigns.
  • Exclusive benefits from TravelLine as a premium partner of Tripadvisor, such as Sponsored Placements.

Tripadvisor has 490 million
unique visitors every month
according to Tripadvisor

Who is TL: Metasearch suitable for

How to improve the performance of metasearch engines

For the integration of metasearch engines and TravelLine,
to work as efficiently as possible, check that you have provided all the details about your property.
Fill out personal accounts on the sites
Everything that you fill in will be pulled into the hotel listing on the sites. Therefore, it is important that the information and photos are up to date, and the links are clickable.
Check the content of the TravelLine personal account
Prices and availability in metasearch engines are reflected from TravelLine Booking Engine set on your website.
Be sure to add:
  • name,
  • city ​​and address,
  • official site,
  • phone,
  • photos.
Make sure in TL Booking Engine:
  • prices and availability are set for at least one year ahead,
  • all rate plans have a description,
  • there are 3-5 high-quality photos of each room type.

Metasearch engines Pricing

Metasearch engines
Fixed fee
2650 THB for six months
+ budget for advertising campaigns
in metasearch engines